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Powerskate Scotland was launched August 2017 by Mark Hay and Sarah Logie. Mark is the head coach for Murrayfield Juniors under 14's and an assistant coach of the Scotland Under 15's Team. Sarah is a Murrayfield Academy Coach and a National Technical Specialist. We have worked together on skating classes over a number of years with the Murrayfield Skating School to teach potential junior hockey skaters the basic skills.

Powerskate Scotland was inspired after we felt there was a gap where players were not being catered for and felt basic skills were not being developed in some of our junior skaters. After observation, we felt that this is not just a problem within our area or a particular age group and that pathways needed to be created to support development from beginner to advanced level. 





Our vision is to increase the standard of skating skills locally, regionally and nationally. We feel, if we can improve basic skating across the board we will improve the standard of ice hockey in this country giving our players the best possible chance to compete to the best of their ability. We want to be able to provide an environment where skaters are being developed to their full potential in a fun and safe environment.



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